Stunning design and energy efficiency have combined to create a modern new heating solution, now available on the Northern Beaches.


While energy prices to continue to soar, Lava Glass Radiators offer a cost effective way to heat your home without sacrificing style and design.


The easy-to-install heating panels can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.


Each panel can be a colour, a mirror or its own work of art, customised to your requirements.  Panels come in standard colours like white, red, black or mirror but are often pesonalised by integrating pictures, artwork, logos or other colours into the design.


The heater's Far Infrared (FIR) system works by radiating an even infrared heat which gives just one degree difference between floor and ceiling.  The system warms all the surfaces in the room, which then releases warmth into the air.

Depending on the size of the panel, runnings costs range from as low as one cent per hour for a 500-watt heater and there are no ongoing maintenance expenses, proving good design doesn't have to be expensive.


Lava Glass Radiatiors are on display at our showroom in Mona Vale. Come in and see the new systems for yourself.

Stylish new heating from RSH Electrical